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Burcliffe By The Sea


Burcliffe by the Sea offers reservation all year long, where vacationers can enjoy their un-crowded beach and they have one and two bedroom cottages with air conditioned and they have a fireplace, color TV. Kitchens & individual patios. Theodore Roosevelt County Park is near by and the Seventeenth century Montauk was home to America's first cattle ranching system. Each spring, East Hampton Town colonists would drive cattle across the narrow Napeague strip to let them graze the rugged downs of Montauk. The herds were fenced in naturally by the surrounding waters. Historic Third House at Theodore Roosevelt County Park originated as the home for these early cattle keepers.

Staying at the Burcliffe by the Sea lets you experience first hand the Un-spoiled natural beauty of a tucked-away seaside town. Water lovers will delight in the dozens of boat charters available for fishing, water sports, waterskiing, wakeboarding, or just sight-seeing. For those planning to bring their own boat, do not forget to apply for a permit beforehand, as it is required in Montauk. Jet skis are plentiful and easy to rent, or for those who prefer travel by land, bicycles are an ideal vehicle choice if traveling downtown. Beach lovers will find the highest waves at the popular Ditch Plains, but remember to get there early during the peak season to secure a spot for your towel.

There are also several lakes where one can catch a little sun and sand and most are located within one of the six state parks in Montauk: Hither Hills, Montauk Point, Theodore Roosevelt, Shadmoor, Montauk Downs, and Kirk Park.

Burcliffe By The Sea
397 Old Montauk Highway
Montauk, NY
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